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“Informing, inspiring and innovating travel experiences and guiding my readers and clients in new and exciting ways to places unknown…”

About ExploraDiva

A Fort Lauderdale based former Miss America Preliminary Pageant winner turned travel writer, has launched a new website aimed to help women seek adventure. The website offers blogs, guides, photos, tips and services focused on travel and explorations from South African safaris and Galapagos reefs to Roman coliseums and the Northern Lights! ExploraDiva hits on 6 continents, 58 countries and 163 cities.

Founded by Lisa Quinn-Gonzalez, her passion is to spread joy and experiences through empowering others to travel.

“Informing, inspiring and innovating travel experiences and guiding my readers and clients in new and exciting ways to places unknown and not yet explored is my second favorite thing to do,” Quinn-Gonzalez said.

As a former model, Conde Nast Traveler Award Guest, representative for Playboy, guest writer for the Miami Herald, Quinn-Gonzalez brings the perfect blend of reporting, personality and travel experience to the table. ExploraDiva has a map of the world where a user can click on any continent and be brought to in-depth blogs about that area. Additional services include a custom guide and personalized itinerary for anywhere in the world. Visit for more information.

Our Influence Like Our Experience is Widespread

Over the last twenty five years, I have collaborated with some of the top travel publications worldwide. I have a trusted relationship and have a strong and wide influence in these publications. My recommendations, advice and pieces are straightforward, funny, helpful and engaging!

My travel blog, writings and my accolades have been featured in Conde Nast Traveler, Playboy, the Miami Herald and I hold the title of being only one of ten women worldwide to be a Wyndham Woman on Her Way. I was a finalist in Travelguard’s “World’s Unluckiest Traveler”  and was a presenter for the Conde Nast Travel Awards In New York City. I was also named by Glamour magazine as a Glambassador.

I am an English teacher and have taught in public school, private school and virtual school at the high school and college level in 2 states.

The aforementioned allows me license to authorize and help you influence and achieve your marketing goals and reach your target consumer!





Ways to Work Together

ExploraDiva was founded by Lisa Quinn-Gonzalez, a distinguished travel writer. Her articles have appeared in Parade, Conde Nast, The Miami Herald, Playboy, Travel & Leisure and many more outlets. Lisa is available for press stories to run on your publications as well as her ExploraDiva website. Some story topics Lisa can cover include, and not limited to:

  • World Travel
  • Family Travel
  • Girlfriend Trips
  • Flight and hotel tips, deals and secrets
  • Discovering unique, less frequented and exotic areas around the world
  • Specific itineraries.