Lola's Cupcakery

Whatever Lola’s Wants, Lola’s Gets.
By Lisa Quinn


Everyone loves cupcakes. But how does the average Joe know the difference between a good cupcake and a truly, sensational one? It seems Lola’s CupCakery has mastered the latter. At 1523 Las Olas Boulevard, Lola’s CupCakery has opened in the last few weeks to the delight of the Fort Lauderdale community.
Donald and Laura Kaplan, a married couple both well schooled in business and the culinary arts, came up with this new, magical and most welcomed site. Lola’s CupCakery’s concept is simple enough; create flavors that truly blend together and create a burst of gourmet deliciousness in ones mouth. One would think a key lime cupcake would be just fine with vanilla cake and a key lime flavored frosting, but at Lola’s, the crust is graham cracker, the filling, a tangy key lime and the frosting, an airy meringue. Point being, all of the ingredients in these tiny treats are truly thought out and when melded together, create the perfect indulgence.  To top if off, each cupcake is topped with a “Seal of Excellence” with the company logo, to ensure that the consumer is getting a product that is true quality.
Walking inside the shoppe, it feels as if you’ve traveled back in time to a whimsical 1880’s French bistro; with Renoir’s decorating the walls, chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, and the “yummy jewels” encased in glass showcases. In the back, there are four foot glass walls to allow onlooking patrons to see how spotless and meticulous the kitchen and staff are and also, to demonstrate how the “stars of the show” are created.  Tables and chairs are soon to come, so one can sit and enjoy their petite pleasures on the spot.  Eventually, a trompe l’ oliel, or art mural creating a “trick of the eye” optical illusion, is planned for the outside wall.
Donald Kaplan states, while “Lola’s has all the flavors that you know and love”, there are some exclusive flavors that one is sure to find unique and special. Some tastes include peanut butter and jelly, red velvet, Canadian maple fudge, peanut butter, margarita, coconut macaroon, cinnamon bun, cookies n’ cream, key lime pie and carrot cake. There are 24 delights to choose from with a possible savory collection to come so one can enjoy CupCakes that are not sweet. Also planned is a floral collection; in which the CupCakes are decorated with hand made fondant, royal icing and include details such as bumble bees and lady bugs. A kid’s collection will appeal to the younger set and a health and wellness assortment; which would be sugar and gluten free, is planned for the future.
Laura, “Lola”, Kaplan made it clear that the ingredients in the cupcakes are those that are sure to “keep”. If you are taking your treats to an outdoor party, no worries on refrigerating the CupCakes, for they do not contain products which could spoil. This also is important regarding food allergies. Laura assured that the ingredients are thought out for more than just their flavors.
Eventually, Lola’s will sell liquid confections as well; coffee, espresso-based frozen drinks, milk and Perrier.  Lola’s caters to birthday parties, showers, wedding, business meetings and other events.
So whether you’re craving some luxurious comfort food or wanting to bring along something unique to that next party, Lola’s CupCakery is Fort Lauderdale’s new pièce de résistance!
Lola’s CupCakery, Inc.
1523 Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301