Fast, Furious and Affordable

Fast, Furious and Affordable
By: Lisa Quinn

Rafael Jorge (RJ) the CEO and founder of Specialty Automotive Treatments, is a self described workaholic. Born to a single mom from Cuba at age 24, she raised him in the Bronx before moving to New Jersey and then, to Miami. Growing up a young man in a city where beauty and cars are synonymous, RJ developed a passion for cars but mostly, a passion for business. Saving up for his first car, a 1966 Chevy Chevelle, RJ went into the hotel and restaurant management industry. Traveling all the way to Saudi Arabia to hone his skills, he mastered problem solving and learned to deal with all kinds of people.
Those skills were vital in the opening of SAT 30 some-odd years ago. Founded in 1979 as Sun Auto Tops; in 2001, they became Specialty Automotive Products. Approximately a year ago, RJ decided to switch gears- once only offering products and services solely to dealers, SAT would now be providing retail products and services to the general public. Whether it is a wheel package, custom interiors or exteriors, car and marine audio/video, grilles, body kits, or installing the perfect moon roof, Rafael and his employees feel there is no room for error. That’s why revenue exceeded ¼ billion dollars in the last year.  “Just like wearing an Armani suit”, RJ states, “SAT offers products and services that make your car stand out.” No matter what kind of car you drive, whether it is a Toyota Celica to a Rolls Royce Phantom, there’s something at SAT to make you feel special.”  In their $5 million dollar, 15,000 square foot showroom is where the magic happens.  RJ considers his employees genuine “artists” and actually recruits them, knowing just how crucial and unique the skills his employees have, are. But don’t let this information be intimidating. Rafael prides himself on reaching a very broad demographic of client and prides himself on how reasonable his prices are. He wants readers to develop awareness about SAT and not be dismayed by what the average person may think is affordable, regarding custom auto treatments.  It’s also a family business. RJ has his daughter and son working with him. “It’s like winning the lottery”, he explains, “working with your children”.
I ask Mr. Jorge what the craziest thing a customer ever asked him to do was. He explains that a young woman actually asked him to install a stripper pole in the middle of her truck! But while a fun novelty can be taken care of, Rafael George wants to emphasize that SAT personifies class, style and affordability.


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