Six No-Fail Tips for Enjoying the Las Olas

Six No-Fail Tips for Enjoying the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival
By Lisa Quinn


  • Dress comfortably and wear cushy shoes- At the Festival, as much as you want to appear like a Celeb at an Oscar party, dress somewhat comfortably and wear those new shoes you purchased a few times around your living room before strolling along Las Olas Boulevard for the event.
  • Keep an open mind and have a plan of action-If you normally don’t imbibe in Chardonnay’s or only drink Merlot, why not try something new? This is the perfect chance to take a dip into a new favorite. Read the festival map (found in the wine pricing guide all attendees receive a registration) to figure out which tables you would like to hit up first.
  • Educate yourself- Although one wouldn’t think that a food and wine party is an opportunity to school oneself, use it as a prospect to talk to the chefs and sommeliers and mixologists. The winery representatives at each table are excited to share their knowledge with you. The next social event you attend may be the one where youre the teacher and others are your students.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you don’t like the wine or food sample-If you don’t love what you are drinking or eating, feel free to give it up and try something else. You don’t want waste the time (or calories) on something you aren’t enjoying.
  • Pace yourself- Sit down, people watch, have only few sips of water to cleanse your palette, (since water can dilute and disrupt flavor profiles). You don’t want to feel like you’ve had too much too soon.
  • Savor the Swag- A great little token you get to bring home is that cute tray with the cutout to sit your wine glass in just-so.  No more worries about spills and performing a balancing act!