Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen
By Lisa Quinn-Gonzalez

I have some advice for you… if you are going to dine at Betty's Soul Food Restaurant, bring a box of Wet Wipes. Napkins are just not enough.
On the last day of the year, to celebrate my I-have-not-thought-about-my-New-Year's-diet-resolution yet, I went to Betty's Soul Food Restaurant for lunch.  I sat down and ordered comfort food extraordinaire: Fried chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, candied yams and home made cornbread. Actually, everything was homemade. The chicken was so crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside and my husband devoured a half rack of ribs before I even finished my second drumstick. My daughter made me scrape the bottom of the mac and cheese bowl for the last bite. Yes, it's really that good.  Portion sizes are generous. I had a huge breast of chicken and a leg and thigh with my order. Apparently though, Betty’s is not a secret; we arrived around 12:30 pm but as we were finishing, almost every table was occupied.
Betty Taylor has been in the soul food biz for over 33 years but at the spot she is now for the last 26 years. With African American memorabilia decorating the walls and a pilgrimage to the Miami Dolphins on every wall, it feels like you've stepped back in time as you walk into the joint, with a coin jukebox in the back and a food counter with spinning round seats dotting it. It has true character.
With menu items as the aforementioned aplenty, they also specialize in oxtail, chitterlings and have a true dieter's nightmare on the dessert list: peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, red velvet cake and bread pudding.
I asked Betty about the delivery truck outside the restaurant. She explained she takes it down to the docks at 5 am to sell her delights to the long shore men. Ha, like they should have all the fun! Ms. Taylor also told me that many Miami Dolphins and former Dolphin, Jason Taylor (no relation to Betty) and Don King pop in now and again to enjoy the menu.
Breakfast is also served with specials on both the morning and lunch menus. Catering is available for all occasions. They even deliver! Can you think of a more perfect way to eat your way through the upcoming Super bowl? Put Betty's Soul Food on speed dial- you won't regret it.

Betty's Soul Food
601 NW 22nd Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Open Daily
Mon-Thurs 6am-9pm
Fri-Sun 6am-10pm